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Don and Debbie -Christmas Eve 2007

Courtesy of Staunton NewsleaderO Little Town

Don Reid pens historical novel

As seen in the Staunton Newsleader

Author Don Reid based his recent novel, “O Little Town” on the mysterious death of circus star Eva Clark, who died in 1925 in Staunton and is buried in Thornrose Cemetery.


Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible

Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible*Presenting biblical stories in plain layman’s terms, Heroes is an eminently readable yet utterly fascinating retelling of timeless struggles.  As entertaining as it is informative, Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible is very highly recommended reading.

-Midwest Book Review

*Besides having a wonderful voice, Reid has a great talent for telling a story.  The brevity and simplicity of the book is both a strength and a weakness.  Its strength is that it is easily read and finished and is perfect to read to young ones.  The weakness is that you wish there were more.  This could be a good book for a Sunday School teacher but would be an even greater book for a new convert who is totally unfamiliar with the Bible.

-Marion Greene, U.S. Gospel News

O Little Town*By writing simply, Reid doesn’t sugarcoat the stories, particularly those from the Old Testament.  If children’s Bible stories could be compared to the Family Channel, Don’s accurate versions are more along the lines of late-night cable shows.

-Cindy Corell, The News Leader

*What we need are Bible stories for adults, and in Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible, Don Reid has given them to us.  Yes, the Don Reid of the Statler Brothers.  But that Don Reid is also Don Reid the Christian, father, Sunday School teacher, church elder, and master storyteller.  In this book he brings back the magic to the Bible stories of Abraham, Joseph, Gideon, Ruth and many others.  He looks at where these great Bible characters succeeded, where they failed, and how God used them regardless.  You may have heard these stories a thousand times, but Reid makes them new again.  Reading Heroes makes you feel like you’re a kid again and sitting at the feet of your favorite Sunday School teacher.

-Kenneth Kirksey, Singing News

Random Memories*Reid’s own treatment of the characters he chose is as relaxed as the songs he wrote for so many years.

-Richard Prior, The Observer

*Reid sheds light on the primary characters he believes are important to a basic understanding of the Bible.  He does his level best not to shy away from their faults, nor does he overhype their virtues.

-Lucas Hendrickson, Country Music magazine


Sunday Morning Memories

Sunday Morning Memories*Reid’s easygoing, conversational writing style and down-home sense of humor work a peculiar magic on topics such as attendance, hymnbooks, covered-dish suppers, and Easter services, transforming them into heart-warming gems that evoke memories of a simpler, pleasanter time.

-Richmond Times Dispatch

*The author has centered this funny, heartwarming book on the elements of churchgoing that build character in children, guide adults through everyday life, and strengthen the community as a whole.

-Presbyterians Today magazine


You Know It’s CHRISTMAS When…You Know It’s CHRISTMAS When…

*You Know It’s CHRISTMAS  When…is a bonanza of wisdom and conviviality contained in its pages.  That it captures the essence of the Christmas spirit in a series of witticisms, quizzes, essays, and observations about this holiest of holidays is no surprise.

-Charles Culbertson, The News Leader




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